Hundreds of clients consider Vernon J. Shazier to be a champion resource for all disciplines in the area of leadership and public speaking. As a champion speaker and an executive speech coach, Vernon successfully partners with clients to create champion results.  

Partnering for champion results

​​​As a Director with Athletes in Action I have been arranging pre-game chapels for over 30 years. I am not exaggerating when I share that Vernon Shazier is perhaps the best speaker we have ever had. We have had him do at least 7 chapel services with the Ohio State football team including the one before the NCAA Championship Game in January of 2015. Not only did he challenge the guys in their personal lives, but he sincerely helped them to believe in themselves as competitors. All that I can say is, "Extraordinary".

- ​Jim Schmidtke
Athletes in Action

Vernon Shazier is without question one of the most talented speakers I have ever met. His story-telling abilities are exceptional and his ability to engage his audience surpasses expectations. From the minute he starts until he finishes he has the audience in the palm of his hand - painting a tapestry of compelling championship messages.

Vernon is an inspiration to anyone he interacts with, whether one on one or in a group. It has been my pleasure to be his friend and colleague over the last few years and I look forward to watching his continued success. If you have the pleasure of working with Vernon you will not soon forget the experience”

- ​Dr. Helen Turnbull
​CEO Global Inclusion & Diversity Expert, Creator/ sole distributor of "Cognizant", an Unconscious Bias assessment tool

​​During my time as a Player I had the honor of having Vernon Shazier as our Chaplain for the Miami Dolphins also His Wife Shawn and himself would take time out of their busy schedules to help lead couples studies at our home. He was not only our Chaplain but a mentor to me as well. The way Vernon would use illustrations to help paint a picture in your mind. He would not only make you visualize what he was saying but allow you to hear it and to even smell it in your mind. Vernon is overflowing with knowledge and leads by example. I am grateful I had the pleasure to be able to sit under Vernon as he would selflessly pour himself into me to help me become a better player, better husband, friend and overall person".

​- ​RJ Sanford
Former Miami Dolphin Corner back NFL

Vernon is gifted in developing innovated leadership training models that are becoming a trend in cultivating leaders at every level and in any type of organization.  As the architect of functioning as a "champion" either as a leader or a team member, he is creating a paradigm shift in his approach to preparing leaders for success in the 21st century workplace.  Vernon uses practical application as well as challenging rhetoric to cause attendees to think about what it takes to win and be at their best in their given assignment.  Our organization was greatly enriched as a result of his training".

​- ​ Bishop R. Ray Gatewood, D.Min.
Pastor, Bethesda Fellowship Ministries, Concord Fellowship of Churches Intl

Vernon is an amazing Speech Coach. In a one day session he engraved more speaking skills into my presentation package than I could have imagined. And with his "image" technique those skills are really engraved”.

​- ​Thomas Weber
President/CEO of Arbitration Resolution Services, Inc.

Vernon is a true champion leader in his coaching and inspiring others to find their inner speaking and leading greatness. His Speech board process is effective, easy to use and the key to success in front of any audience. A day with Vernon is an inspiration for your career and your spirit”.

- Jay Forte, MS, CPC, ELI-MP
Author, speaker & certified life, family & CEO coach, host on VividLife Radio & Get Your Kids Ready For Life Podcast

God sent his word to heal.  Through the encouraging messages that I have heard from Pastor, Vernon J. Shazier at Mount Bethel Ministries healing has taken place in so many areas of my life.  Restoration began with the first sermon and from that day forward I’ve thirst for the living water.  My faith and trust in God is at the highest level that it has ever been.  This ministry prepares me to recognize my blessings during times of adversity; to be a blessing to others; to live in accordance to God’s principles and; to walk in wisdom in every area of my life.  I thank God for placing me under the tutelage of one of his most knowledgeable disciples”.

- Pearl M. Davis
SVP, Credit Risk Review Manager

Pastor Shazier has been my spiritual coach for the last twenty years. He has guided me through the toughest times of my life. His wisdom and insight is truly anointed by God. I trust him with my life. He will deliver the true word from God to help you with any situation.  I am blessed to have a man like this in my life”.

- Prince Pearson
Alabama State University, Offensive Line Coach

I enlisted the help of Vernon Shazier to speak with my team to get them “game day ready” for whatever came their way. The interesting note was in the beginning of his seminar, there were people on my team texting and occasionally sneaking in an e-mail or two. The reason for doing so was because they felt there was nothing they could learn about sales, from a NFL Chaplain of a football team. And then, something miraculous happened! As we got in to the training, the phones went down and the ears perked up!  Since then, we never looked back”.

- Luke Lewis
AmeriGas, America's Propane Company

Vernon Shazier is a ingenious, straight forth leader and coach.  Through thought provoking coaching and mentoring, Vernon challenged my mindset to think like a champion and excel in both my personal and professional life.  He is skilled at root cause analysis, helping you to recognize and remove mental obstacles and unleash inner strengths that will allow you to succeed.  I am forever grateful for his continued mentorship."

- Doris Jackson-Shazier
Retail District Manager, CBCOS, Inc.

​Vernon Shazier is not just a powerful speaker and inspirational leader, but a true Champion and Agent of Change. Shazier uses his creative story-telling format that shares messages of his own life story to captivate multiple audiences.  From his energy charged lectures, to his dynamic teaching style, he's able to cross all denominations to empower & motivate each of our lives down to the core where we need it the most!  I am always inspired, and uplifted after leaving any of his lecture events and I highly recommend his speaking/leadership teachings to others!”

- Renee M. Brown
Juvenile Justice System of Care Liaison, Broward County Public Schools

Pastor Vernon Shazier is a man on a mission. His vision is to teach people how to think like a CHAMPION, act like a CHAMPION and live like a CHAMPION. He believes you should strive to reach the top in life because the bottom is overcrowded. And if you’re not on the way, you are in the way”.

- Larry Lee Jr.
Florida State Representative​

Our Area Sales Manager at AmeriGas hired Vernon to come speak to Account Managers and presented a seminar to them on Game Day Readiness where he explored with them the importance of Game Day Readiness and the components necessary to achieve success. Vernon had them engaged as they participated in his presentation. He was personable, professional, on time and has great speaking ability. I highly recommend this seminar to any Manager that desires to lead their sales force to excellence and to become a champion for increased company profitability”

- Arely Susana Lodge, MSHRM
Senior Human Resources Business Partner​

Pastor Shazier was truly a blessing to my wife and I during our premarital counseling and wedding ceremony. Our pastor fell ill, and he stepped right in when I asked him to perform our wedding ceremony. During our sessions he was able to relate seemlessly with both of us, and he helped us to see things from one another's point of view. We are definitely a work in progress, and we know that there will be challenges. I believe we are better equipped because of our time with Pastor Shazier prior to the wedding and his continuance guidance. He checks in on us regularly. God will truly set things up exactly the way that they are supposed to be!! Thank you Pastor Shazier for coming into our lives and challenging us! We now know, for sure, that marriage takes a tremendous amount of effort, change and most of all prayer. I am thankful that you blessed me and my wife. 

​- AJ Ruffin

​Vernon is someone whom I first met during my time playing for the Miami Dolphins, where he served as our team chaplain.  He provided chapel services for our team the night before games and he also held weekly bible studies for us at the team facility.  During these sessions he would take scripture and break it down to players and coaches and show us how it can be applicable to our lives to help us grow as men, fathers, husbands & players.  

While that is pretty standard for most team chaplains, Vernon also gathered players and their wives once a week and held couples bible studies.  This is where I personally believe he had the strongest impact on me and my family, in these sessions we would dive deep into what the word says about relationships, love &  marriage.  In these meetings we held discussions and participated in different activities to help us learn more about our significant other and ourselves for that matter.  The fundamental thing I came away with was how important it was for God to be at the head of your relationship/marriage. With both people working to be closer to the Lord which ultimately brings you closer to each other. 

Vernon is a man of high character with an incredible heart for God and a passion for helping people grow in their knowledge of the word.  He and his wife are great spiritual leaders and I am truly grateful to have gotten to learn from him during my time with the team.

- Armon Binns

Former Miami Dolphins Wide Receiver NFL


As Senior Pastor of Bible-Based Fellowship Church in Tampa, I needed someone for our leadership conference who could ignite a fire in us and be a champion for change in our ministry.  Pastor Vernon Shazier did that and more. He came with relevant information that spoke to our present challenges, and left behind real transformation that began in the chemistry and character of our leadership team. Following the conference, people couldn't say enough about the pragmatic teaching that enabled them to make practical application in their areas of ministry. God used Vernon Shazier to call out the champion in each of us.

- Anthony C. White, Pastor
Bible-Based Fellowship Church​

Vernon Shazier is an awesome Lecturer,  Author, Motivational Speaker and Leader. He is gifted with a unique and powerful presentation that is tailored to fit most audiences.  Shazier  has an amazing & inspiring story-telling speaking style, that is transforming communities and impacting the lives of people of all barriers. The voice of Shazier believes that we are all Champions and provides wisdom, hope and encouragement to all of his followers!

- Selwyn Brown,
Educational Specialist / Miramar High School

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